Most States Prize

In past years donations have been received from as many as 42 states!  How many states did your organization receive donations from?  How many could you receive donations from?  There are many people who may no longer live in Warren County who still appreciate the good work your organization does and will support you – if you ask.  Reach out to those you know.  Email, phone, Facebook – spread the word.  $10 is all it takes and the online giving is so quick and easy regardless of where you live.

2019 – Extending prizes beyond 1st place! The organization with donations from the most states with receive a $100 prize just as in past years.

Second place will be awarded $50.

Each organization with donations from 15 or more states will receive $25! Everyone should be in the running!

States will be determined by the credit card billing address of donors.  Ties will be broken by total number of donations and then by total dollars donated.

Most Improved By Dollars

Winner will be determined as a percentage, year over year.
Once again this year 1st prize will receive a $100 prize.

2nd place will be awarded $75.

3rd place $50.

Ties will be broken by total number of donations.

Mystery Prize!

It’s a mystery but any organization could be the winner – everyone has an equal chance of winning but you must be present at the check ceremony to take home the $100 prize!  If the winner is not present at the ceremony another winner will be announced until awarded.