720-Boonies_logo_tiff_finalThe Boonies, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, is created to support, educate, and promote independent film-making by artists of all ages, as well as promote our Northern Pennsylvania locations and natural resources to the film industry. To that end The Boonies, Inc. will utilize visual arts and music as well as the latest experimental technologies to enhance the experience of students, filmmakers, audiences and the arts.
Current Projects:

  • The Boonies Inc is in our 2017-2018 funding season. During this time we will present screenings, educational events, speakers from film industry and film art presentations during 2017-2018 and present The Boonies International Film Festival as promotion of the festival and region. We will also attract the film industry projects/film to Warren County.

Contact: Jeff Clark
Phone: 814-730-7375
Location: 233 Liberty Street, Suite 2A, Warren, PA 16365